Ziggy Marley elevates crowd by accepting hemp plant donation

Ziggy Marley Elevates Crowd At Arise Music Festival With EarthTone’s Hemp Plant.

Loveland, CO — The day started with clear calm skies at the Arise music festival in Loveland, Colorado but late in the afternoon something in the area was lingering and could stir things up.  At 4:19 what actually rolled in was quite unexpected to say the least.  EarthTone Superfoods a hemp CBD company entered Arise music fest with their hemp education wagon carrying six live hemp plants for demonstration purposes. Their mission was to educate through the public display of large hemp CBD plants. One of them ended up joining Ziggy Marley and his show on the main stage.

The political confusion surrounding any public display of live hemp plants created a stormy wave that spread like wildfire through the festival grounds.  The first thunder boom was when the security radio channels filled with scratchy chatter of a POTential issue: “Parking to security—We got two guys who have loaded several big marijuana plants onto a wagon. They’re heading toward the front gate.”….. “Copy that, we’re on our way.”  Within seconds the little wagon, with a big heart and six green hemp plants rising above, was confronted by two unarmed security friends in a golf cart. “You can’t take those marijuana plants into the show”! EarthTone Superfoods responded, “It’s not marijuana, it’s hemp, I can show you their papers and documentation!”  Smiling, the security guard says,” “oh its just hemp? You guys are good to go!“

From that point on it was clear skies for EarthTone Superfoods and their mission to educate the public about the power of hemp and its medicinal benefits. EarthTone’s rep. boldly proclaims, “We are here to educate for hemp medicine awareness and to save the people from the unnecessary ‘ailments’ that plagues us. We are using these live plants to attract attention and educate; your ill health could be a symptom of a cannabinoid deficiency and hemp supplementation will assist the body to restore ballance. Miraculous? Millions of people think so because they have personal experiences for themselves and or loved ones. New Information on the Endocannabinoid system; when properly shared, understood and taken seriously, will save us from the dangerous options provided by today’s troubled medical system. Nutritionally under-educated doctors can, and often do, perform millions of unnecessary surgeries and administer deadly prescription drugs annually.  *Arise!!! Important!!! see foot note links for facts on making improper medical decisions.

“EarthTone’s hemp plants attracted attention” at Arise 2016 is an understatement. They were so well received, crowds of people from all walks of life stopped and touched, sniffed, and hugged the plants. Most of them left with several treasured photo memories with the hemp plants. People were even granted permission to eat leaves from the six fluffy green plants as a superfood.

Then there was a turn of events and the plants took to the center stage. It started with a dance act on the Area 51 stage where a large Charlotte’s Web Strain was presented and easily accepted across the security defense line. The dancers were quick to incorporate the hemp plants into their improvisational style of dancing.  The moment was so powerful an Arise stage producer approached EarthTone and asked us to come back with more hemp plants for other performances. 

All the hemp excitement was soon to reach a climax in the coming moments… At 10:30 pm, EarthTone began the journey toward the waiting producer with a full cart of tall, beautiful, hemp plants. They found themselves on the path of a hemp loving celebrity, Ziggy Marley. Turns out Ziggy Marley was on the main stage ½ way to our final destination.  As we came within listening distance we couldn’t help but notice Ziggy was playing his hemp activist song “Wild and Free”…

A hemp plant was rushed up to the front of the stage to be presented to the singing Marley. Security at first glance noticed this “presumably marijuana” plant as a potential problem, but Ziggy repeatedly beckoned for the gift. He received it and raised it high up in the air as the crowd roared and sung “I see marijuana trees blowing in our breeze” as the song lyrics go…. “I see hemp fields forever growing wild and free.” Now 5 years after the song was written, it’s now happening! Growing industrial hemp is legal in many states and is growing like wildfire.  What an amazing synchronistic moment of attraction for the Arise festival. After the song Ziggy continued offering gratitude to the plant for being on his stage and for the power it has in helping save the people and the planet.“This plant is no joke. There are so many things I can do with this plant. I’m telling you.” Someone yells “Medicine for the people!” Ziggy, pointing at the plant saying: “You can smoke it, you can wear it, you can eat it, you can drink it, you can put it in your car, you can put it on your salad. I don’t think there is any plant in the world like this plant right here.” The crowd is awestruck in seeing, for the first time, Ziggy having a live hemp plant on stage. What a moment at the 2016 Arise Music Festival!

At the end of the Ziggy Marley Show EarthTone asked security about getting the hemp plant back for their upcoming missions. After searching for the plant for over 20 minutes it was discovered that Marley had it in his possession back stage. EarthTone’s plant ended up being gifted to Ziggy Marley and its whereabouts will be a mystery.

Please send us your best photos of the day and any of the plant photos taken at Arise so we can educate through social media.  Also please contact EarthTone to invite the plants to your next event or party.  But a note of caution; the plants will always take over the party as they did at the 2016 Arise Music Festival.

Please visit our Facebook page, like us, share us and we at EarthTone hope you enjoyed our story!

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