What is CBG?


What does CBG do?

*Warning, if you are learning about CBG for the first time and have no idea what CBD is you should read this article first: What the Hemp is CBD?

CBG (Cannabigerol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in small amounts in hemp plants. It is like CBD or THC because it converts into one of the two inside the plant. CBG has special properties about it that allows it to attach directly to your cannabinoid receptors and dominate them. It is viewed as the stem cell molecule of cannabinoids; seeing that it hasn’t been fully developed. The ‘A’ is the acidic part of the cannabinoid that is non-activated. When removing that ‘A’, you are activating it. CBGA can be converted into CBDA or THCA within the plant when the plant is maturing. It isn’t clear if CBGA can convert into any other cannabinoids or if it can convert outside of the plant. This means that currently it is believed that CBGA can only convert to THCA or CBDA within the hemp plant.

CBG is actually considered a minor cannabinoid because it is converted into THC or CBD but considering CBG as a minor will change in the coming years seeing how is now being isolated. New hemp strains will contain higher amounts of CBG to further benefit the end user.

It is powerful because it dominated the cannabinoid receptor. We have reason to believe it can literally kick THC off of the cannabinoid receptor. This theory comes from our own personal experiments of controlled subjects ingesting copious amounts of THC and then taking a dab of CBG isolate. This offers you immediate clarity and focus. It is a polar shift from feeling THC on your cannabinoid receptors to feeling clear.

CBG Oil: What is CBG and how does it help you?
What is CBG and how does it help you?

We love to talk about how the products make us feel but what’s most important is what’s happening inside your body. Why is CBG so powerful? It is promoting and stimulating growth within your body, adding to further bone regeneration, and aiding your body’s ability to maintain homeostasis. It does this better than any other cannabinoid alone like CBD.

CBG is not very noticeable as an isolated molecule but mixing CBD with CBG offers a more defined result. CBG is really offering extra aid to any other cannabinoid and seems (we will know more with further research) it extends the life of the other cannabinoid.

We have found that CBG can be isolated when extracting using a variety of methods like alcohol or C02 extraction. When extracting raw hemp oil from hemp you pull all the rich cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN. Some plant material has more CBG than others. Some say CBG is obtained by harvesting hemp early but also people theorize that geneticists will be able to make strains with higher levels of CBG.

Why do you want CBG in your CBD Hemp Oil?

CBG will add deeper relief and help guide the CBD and other cannabinoids around the receptors working more efficiently and for longer. We at Steve’s Goods have been conducting monthly “CBG Ceremonies” by hosting members of the industry and ingesting the CBG in different ways. We gather to discuss and research, and typically follow a session of ingestion with a deep yoga session to truly examine the way we feel and get further in tune with our bodies. In utilizing this around the office, the Steve’s Goods family has seen incredible personal benefits from the use of it.

Tyler Manning, our wholesale and retail manager after one of our CBG ceremonies said: “It makes me want to get up and do karate!”

CBG the unknown.

CBG will be superior in Full Spectrum hemp products and if you are not finding a lot of relief from your CBD Oil, try using it with higher levels of CBG.

Cat Novak from THC Magazine said: “it is the best tasting CBD Oil I have ever tried!” talking about our new CBG Oil.

We recommend two types of CBD Oil:

  1. Our original CBD Oil with our Full Spectrum Raw CBD Oil containing CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN, mixed with local raw honey, and terpenes for flavor.
  2. Our brand new CBG Oil with our Full Spectrum CBD Wax containing CBD, CBC, CBN, and up to 10% CBG!
CBG Oil - Steve's Goods
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