Arise Music Festival 2017

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Arise Music Festival 2017

Arise Music Festival 2017 was a huge success!

Arise Music Festival 2017 …. so nice, it must be said thrice.


Were you at Arise Music Festival 2017 this year? If you were, did you see our hemp plants at the Instrumental Garden? Or maybe you saw me walking around with hemp plants in a Red Wagon? If you were one of the lucky ones that did see us, we appreciate any interaction you had with us! For those of you that didn’t experience the instrumental garden; let me go ahead and explain.

The instrumental Garden was a hidden gem, found right after GA (General Admission) parking, towards the entrance of the festival, and offered a safe haven for those onlookers of hemp, beautiful sounds, and hemp plants! We welcomed anyone that was musically talented or just wanted to listen to the music that was being produced by the garden.

Why hemp plants and musical instruments?:

This match made in heaven was a product of two creatives looking to increase vibrations in people and openness to learn about the benefits of CBD and the powers of hemp. We felt passionate about hosting alternative fun and education that wasn’t offered directly through Arise Music Festival 2017.

Steve’s Goods and ForMo feel passionate that the Arise Music Festival and other festivals around the country incorporate more hemp into their events to spread awareness! Both of our companies will be working to spread awareness of this amazing plant to help shape the future for what the people want in music, and in natural organic medicine, through our natural organic remedies.

Who is ForMo:

ForMo Forward Momentum
ForMo Forward Momentum

Forward Momentum or ForMo is a company that focuses on the love of music, and how it can spread that love further. They currently own a festival called Boredomfest that is solely setup to #FightBoredom. They are a newer company in the music industry, but they are passionate about what they are doing, and won’t stop until music saves everyones soul.

* Calvin Hobbes Music

What were we talking about?:

This year, I wanted to focus on general awareness, with intermediate education for those that seeked it. The CBD information I was talking about was:

  1. How the endocannabinoid system works
  2. How cannabinoids like CBD and THC are helping us
  3. Why a cannabis user should want to add more CBD into their regiment
  4. How hemp can save the world!

Highlights of Arise Music Festival 2017?:

I think everyone can agree that the Tipper set was a rollercoaster of unreal transitions that left our minds lost. I am still finding pieces.

Huge shoutout to the real OG’s Brother Ali and Atmosphere that are still killing it! I bonded so hard with people in my age group over some of the songs dropped by these legends.

Next year, I’m looking forward being Slightly Stoopid 😉

What sucked?:

Off and on rain but it didn’t damper our spirits 😛

What was epic?:

Double Rainbow!

How to buy CBD?:

Buying CBD is not as easy as it should be. You may find a website that sells CBD, but it has a high probability to be shut down because CBD is considered Federally illegal. This can offer complications for you when trying to switch to CBD and ditch their medications. You can buy CBD online, here on this website – go to the CBD Shatter Shop.

Why buy CBD?: 

CBD is an up and coming dietary supplement that we are learning plays a big role in our overall health; especially if you are not ingesting THC, CBD can offer your body the medicinal benefits of THC, without the psychoactive. Meaning, CBD is the ultimate way to manage, pain, sleep, and any medical conditions that are currently being helped by CBD.

Who were our Sponsors the Arise Music Festival 2017?:

  1. GardenGearSupply – Radicle Bags
  2. PhytoDabs – PhytoFamily
  3. Olio Dabs – Dab Olio

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