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2022 Award Winning concentrates | The best dabs in the world

Steve’s Goods has been the number one CBD concentrate maker for over 5 years. We have been making concentrates since 2017 when hemp’s legal status was very questionable. It is now federally legal according to the 2018 farm bill. This means that all forms of concentrates CBD are legal to grow, make, and sell under the proper state license. A massive revolution for the hemp industry as a whole!

Steve’s Goods journey to make the best dabs in the world started with a small vacuum oven that could melt down the CBD to be hot enough to infuse with our plant-based terpenes. The process of adding CBD isolate and terpenes together in a vacuum oven for an hour is now known as making CBD shatter. Shatter is a form of concentrate that breaks off easily when bent; hence the name shatter. 

In 2018, we discovered how to make CBD wax. Making wax was just like making shatter. You put CBD distillate into a vacuum oven with terpenes, and when it sets, it is a wax consistency. Since then, we have launched many limited editions concentrates with many different terpenes profiles to choose from.

We have won awards every year we have entered. We started entering awards in 2019 for the THC Classic where we won 1st place! 

In 2020, we won the THC Classic again!

In 2021, we dominated the THC Classic and won 1st, 2nd, and third place! This makes for a 3-year hat trick! 

This year, we won the THC Classic top choice award, and for 710, we just won 1st place!

What is 710?

710 backward is oil which is a holiday to celebrate all concentrates. All concentrates start as oil and as it cools down it turns into a concentrate. For this reason, it is called oil.

What is the 710 Showdown?

The 710 Showdown is a Rooster Magazine event where we took 1st place for the best concentrate.

What products are award winners?

2019: Pineapple Express CBD Wax

2020: Strawnana CBD Wax

2021: Strawnana CBD Wax

2022 THC Classic: Strawnana CBD Wax

2022 710 Showdown: HHC Vape Cartridge Strawnana 

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2022-award-winner-hhc-strawanan-from-the-rooster-magazine 2022-award-winner-cbd-wax-dabs-strawnana