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Here’s All You Need to Know About CBD Hemp Oil Tinctures

What are CBD Hemp Oil tinctures?

CBD Hemp Oil tinctures are the most popular hemp product and the first one that comes to mind when we think of cannabinoids, especially CBD. This popularity has contributed to the development of this product too satisfy customers’ needs. Many companies work tirelessly to develop new variations, such as flavors and concentrations, to fill the shelves with products their customers crave.

As much as we love having a choice, the enormous variety of CBD hemp oil tincture products available on the market might make it difficult to decide which one to buy, especially for new users. That’s why it’s always good to find out more about what’s available to you to purchase the right product based on your unique preferences.

CBD oil

CBD is the second most popular cannabinoid, next to THC, and it remains the number one choice for hemp tincture users. It’s available in different container sizes – 15ml or 30ml – as well as different concentrations – 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, and 2000mg. In addition, CBD tincture oil comes in many different flavors, such as blueberry, pineapple, and watermelon, just to name a few, to fully satisfy both your brain and tastebuds.

CBD oil is available in the form of pure extract, either containing CBD alone or CBD with up to 0.3% of THC, as well as full spectrum CBD oil, which features a full spectrum of cannabinoids, containing all 60 constituents naturally found in cannabis, such as CBG, CBN, CBC, and much more.

Is CBD oil legal?

Even though CBD oil is legal on the federal level, states have the right to introduce their own laws restricting the use of this substance. Today, CBD is entirely illegal in three US states – Idaho, Iowa, and South Dakota – where you can’t purchase, transport, and consume CBD under the state laws.

In every other US state, CBD remains legal with some restrictions, such as in Alaska, California, and Washington, for example, where it’s legal unless mixed with foods and beverages, in which case only licensed cannabis stores and distribute this product.

In other states, however, you’re free to purchase, transport, and consume CBD hemp oil tinctures. This includes transportation across state lines if both states have legalized the substance, and shipping by mail, which allows you to purchase CBD hemp oil tinctures online and have it delivered right to your home.   

Benefits of CBD oil

CBD oil, just like other hemp products, affects our endocannabinoid system, which controls our bodies and makes sure everything stays balanced. It can, therefore, potentially ease symptoms of many common health issues, such as anxiety, depression, and acne, to name a few.

The primary benefits of CBD oil include the relaxation it provides as well as stress reduction. CBD oil provides relief in the fast-paced world and gives you the peace you deserve. What’s more, it’s also great for better sleep and doesn’t contain any psychoactive substances that might spoil your experience.

Does CBD oil get you high?

CBD oil doesn’t contain any psychoactive substances, meaning that it won’t get you high. In some cases, your CBD tincture oil might contain up to 0.3% THC, which still won’t get you high, but might show up on drug tests. If you’d like to avoid it, it’s recommended that you look specifically for fine hemp oil that contains pure CBD, with no additions.

In general, however, even full-spectrum CBD oil won’t get you high and can therefore be taken by people of all ages, and even animals, with CBD pet oils manufactured specifically for your pets.

Full-spectrum CBD oil   

The main difference between pure CBD oil and full-spectrum CBD oil is that full-spectrum contains multiple plant extracts, essential oils, and other cannabinoids. Most often, you’ll find CBD oil containing CBG or CBC, which are different cannabinoids or even THC. This mixture can then result in unique experiences, combining the best of the cannabinoids included.

It’s worth mentioning that despite containing other cannabinoids, often even THC, full-spectrum CBD oil won’t get you high as the concentration of psychoactive substances is too low to expect any psychoactive effects.

How to dose CBD oil

The dosing of your CBD oil will hugely depend on the concentration you have. The dose is measured in milliliters, and therefore you first need to check what you have. Usually, it’s safe to start with 15mg of CBD hemp oil tincture per day and slowly build your way up if you still aren’t feeling the desired results. When you increase your dose, it’s recommended to go 5mg higher at a time so that it’s easier to find the perfect spot for you.

The dosage also depends on the reason why you take CBD oil. For general health purposes, it’s going to be less compared to medical reasons or chronic pain.

CBD oil is great for relaxing at night, and therefore it’s a good idea to take it in the evening or even before bed. All you have to do is shake the bottle before you use it and put it directly under your tongue using the dropper. Then, hold it under your tongue for around a minute before swallowing, and you’re ready to go.

How to choose CBD oil

The first thing you should ask yourself when choosing CBD oil is why you want to buy it. Depending on your personal preferences, you’ll now have to choose the solution that offers the most value for you. Usually, it’s recommended to pick a concentration that satisfies your dosing needs. For example, if you’d like to take smaller doses, your concentration should be low accordingly to help you with dosing and make it easy to increase the dose when necessary.

Once you have that, you can choose the flavor and whether you’d like to use pure CBD oil or full-spectrum CBD oil. This hugely depends on your personal preferences and needs, and combining more cannabinoids can offer different benefits compared to pure CBD oil. 

CBD oil for dogs

Because of its benefits and lack of psychoactive effects, CBD oil for dogs is also available for your pets. The oil is used orally and can be mixed with food or given orally directly or put on their paw for the pet to lick it up.

The flavor selection features wild-caught salmon and anchovy to fully satisfy your pet’s tastebuds. It’s also worth mentioning that CBD oil for dogs is dosed based on your pet as well as its weight. The CBD hemp oil tincture makes it easy to dose, and the concentration is adjusted accordingly with pets in mind, meaning that you can’t give human CBD oil to your pets.

You can give CBD oil to your dog or cat and smaller pets, such as rabbits, though the smaller the animal, the lower the dose, and you should always carefully check how much CBD oil you should give it.

CBG oil

CBG is another cannabinoid that’s been gaining in popularity in recent years. Just like CBD, it’s one of the favorite cannabinoids of tincture users. Because of its potency, CBG oil is available only in the form of full-spectrum CBG oil, where it’s mixed with other cannabinoids, such as CBD, to provide a full range of experiences to the user.

Tinctures are available in different sizes, namely 15ml and 30ml, as well as different concentrations – 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 1250mg, and 2500mg. The usual ratio of the cannabinoids is 20:1, meaning that for every milligram of CBD, the oil contains one milligram of CBG, making it fairly easy to calculate the dose.

Is CBG oil legal?

Because CBG is a relatively new cannabinoid on the market, there aren’t many regulations surrounding its use. In the United States, there’s a distinction between CBG oil derived from marijuana and hemp, with the latter being legal in all 50 states.

This legality includes sale, possession, and consumption, as well as transportation. Therefore, you’re free to purchase CBG oil online and have it shipped to your home in any state without having to fear of doing anything that’s against the law.

Benefits of CBG oil

CBG oil, just like other CBD hemp oil tinctures, is often taken for medical reasons and to enhance the quality of life. It’s quickly absorbed by the body and can help you feel more confident in your daily life. It makes you happier with the way you look and feel and increase the overall satisfaction of life, making you feel better with yourself and others.

When taken with other cannabinoids in the form of full spectrum CBG oil, it combines their benefits. Most notably, CBD on full-spectrum hemp oil will help you alleviate anxiety and relax, particularly before going to bed, among other benefits.

Full spectrum CBG oil

CBD oil is sold as full spectrum CBD oil, often featuring 20:1 proportions, meaning that for every 20mg of CBD, the oil contains 1mg of CBG. That’s because CBG is very potent and therefore is mixed with other cannabinoids to ensure optimal dosing and provide unique experiences by combining it with other cannabinoids, such as CBD, which is in itself beneficial as well.

How to dose CBG oil

The dosing of CBG oil hugely depends on factors such as your gender, age, weight, and height, as well as the primary purpose for why you’re taking it. Usually, it’s a good idea to start with around 1mg of the substance and slowly work your way up if you’re not experiencing the expected results.

CBG oil is taken the same way as other hemp tinctures. All you have to do is get the dose in the dropper attached and drop it under your tongue. Then, wait for a around a minute before swallowing. Taking CBG oil is very intuitive and easy for everybody. 

How to choose CBG oil

Once you know the amount of CBG you wish to take, you need to select the best concentration for you. Keep in mind that CBG oil tinctures are, in fact, full-spectrum CBD oil. Therefore, you need to check for other cannabinoids to make sure that the concentration of those will also meet your needs. Usually, however, manufacturers take that into consideration and mix the cannabinoids in a way that will help you achieve optimal results.

Make sure to pick the solution that will be the most economical for you. Compare prices across different container sizes and concentrations to choose the one that will last you the longest, make it the easiest to dose, and be the best for your budget.

Does CBG oil get you high?

CBG oil, just like CBD and other popular cannabinoids used in oil tinctures, doesn’t cause any psychoactive effects. It’s important to remember, however, that full-spectrum oils might contain up to 0.3% of THC and even though it’s far too small of a dose to make you high, it might show up on drug tests so take that into consideration when buying CBG oil.


The primary difference between CBD and CBG is in their potency. It takes much less CBG to achieve the desired results and therefore, CBG is rarely sold alone and is often a part of full-spectrum CBG oil, mixed with other cannabinoids such as CBD.

The one thing they have in common is that neither CBD nor CBG causes psychoactive effects, making them safe to use for pets and children and everybody who wishes to experience the effects.

The benefits they offer are also very different, with CBD having more relaxing properties. Therefore, it’s recommended to combine the best of the two worlds with products such as full-spectrum CBD oil that contains CBD, CBG, and other cannabinoids.

Which CBD hemp oil tincture is the best for me?

Depending on your needs, some cannabinoids will naturally suit you better as they give you the results you expect. Usually, however, combining them with full-spectrum hemp oil is the best solution as you can get the benefits of all cannabinoids included in the tincture.

When buying your first CBD hemp tincture oil, you should pay attention to the concentration and go with the lowest one, as you might not know how much you need to experience the desired effects. Then, as you get more experienced, you can slowly build your way up the dosage and find the sweet spot.

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