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It’s 2019, and CBG oil is the new buzz word. Cannabis has become near commonplace in American pop culture. Advancements in legalization have blanketed participating states with new wealth. In the same ways, technology and science have kept pace: CBD concentrates, tinctures, inhalers, battery atomizers, e-nails… the list goes on. As innovation continues, more is being revealed about the other 112 cannabinoids that comprise the full-spectrum. Though we are still gathering data on THC and CBD, Cannabigerol (CBG) is growing in both awareness and popularity, and Steve’s Goods is leading the charge.

What is cannabigerol?

Cannabigerol is the chemical mother of all other cannabinoids. Hemp & marijuana plants produce it naturally in the form of cannabigerolic acid, but it is considered to be a minor cannabinoid in lieu of the fact that it appears in low readings on lab tests of mature cannabis plants. The major cause of this? Most CBG is immediately converted into one of the other major cannabinoids during photosynthesis. That means it is not plentiful, and that it takes a lot of cannabis to isolate or distill a considerable amount of CBG, making it expensive to come by. In bulk, it can be obtained in the form of isolate powder, and in the form of distillate liquid (more to come on those later).

CBG Oil - Blueberry flavor
Steve’s Goods Blueberry flavored CBG Oil (30mL, 2500mg bottle)

How is cannabigerol used?

Our bodies have a built-in endocannabinoid system which aids in the balance of our mental and physical equilibrium. Every cannabinoid has varying effects on the body and on the endocannabinoid system, and CBG has been found to be one of the more universally beneficial. Various scientific studies have revealed use cases for ailments ranging from ocular diseases to inflammatory bowel conditions. Other studies have shown CBG to carry antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects on the body.

Will CBG get a user high?

Perhaps one of the most interesting observations from studies on CBG noted that in larger doses, CBG actually interferes with the psychoactive feelings THC causes the body, overpowering the neuro-inhibiting effects that THC produces when consumed in high-doses. Since the amount of CBG needed for a human overdose would be all but impossible to consume, the answer to the question, “will CBG get a user high,” is not only a firm no, but quite the opposite; it stops the high and the feelings associated with it.

What are the best ways to buy CBG?

Though we anticipate a wave of high-CBG flower strains emerging to satisfy demand from the market, there are few to no such strands in circulation presently. Again, cannabigerol is almost always biosynthesized into another cannabinoid while plants grow and flower, meaning someone would have to interrupt such biosynthesis to retain the maximum levels of CBG produced by a particular strain or plant. That is not to say CBG cannot be attained in bulk volume. Steve’s Goods deals in three major bulk forms of CBG: CBG isolate powder, CBG distillate, and CBG oils and tinctures.

Steve’s Goods CBG Isolate Slab

CBG Isolate Explained

CBG isolate powder is utilized in the manufacturing of other concentrate products, Including including CBG isolate slab. It looks and feels similar to powdered sugar, and comes in a concentration of 99% purity. CBG isolate powder could theoretically be utilized to make gummies, capsules, topicals, and other forms of concentrates, including shatter, and any other product for which CBD isolate powder is a base product. This powder is commonly isolated from the other cannabinoids among the full spectrum through refinement from hemp or marijuana.

CBG Super Distillate

CBG super distillate is utilized in the formulation of oils and tinctures. This distillate is the key ingredient in Steve’s Goods CBG oils, and could theoretically be used in the formation of several other products, including wax concentrates, similar to the products Steve’s Goods offers among their CBD wax concentrates. CBG super distillate is made via chromatography. This process passes evaporated hemp distillate into a medium in which all the different cannabinoids (CBG, THC, etc.) are isolated to be separated manually with no error. This is one of the most advanced methods for generating pure cannabinoid concentrates and is certainly one of the cleanest methods.

CBG Oils & Tinctures

If you enjoy a tasty, smoke-free means of getting your controlled dose of CBG daily, Steve’s Goods CBG oils are a fantastic option. They are available in Watermelon, Blueberry, and OG Hemp flavors, achieved by blending our CBG super distillate with the appropriate terpene profile to offer the ideal formula to satisfy just about any taste pallet. Every flavor is sold in 15mL bottles with 250mg, 500mg, and 1250mg concentrations, and in 30mL bottles with 500mg, 1000mg, and 2,500mg concentrations, ensuring Steve’s Goods is also ready with every size and strength refill one could possibly need for home use. These tinctures are also available for private labeling.

CBG Slab?!

If you enjoy Steve’s Goods CBD concentrates, you will love their state-of-the-art CBG isolate slab. Made from CBG isolate powder, and via Steve’s proprietary process, Steve’s is offering a terpene-free, 99%-pure CBG concentrate that tastes like unexplainable citrus flavor, and a feeling of total renewal that rushes over you as quickly as you inhale it. We don’t know of another company offering anything similar, and it is our true pleasure to be among the first to take the step and create something this rare and incredibly healthy.

Our hope is that this post resources you with enough background knowledge on what CBG is, why it is important for the human body, the different benefits of using it, and the types of CBG on the market. We sincerely hope you will consider CBG for your diet and health (if you have not already done so), and that you will strongly consider Steve’s Goods CBG products to fill that need.

Steve from Steve’s Goods using Dipper to enjoy CBG Isolate Slab.

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